How can your sponsorship contribute to making growth and development possible for India? 

India Giving Day was created with the intention to help its citizens with the means to pursue their humanitarian and developmental objectives, that can help the nation and its people fulfill their dreams. India Giving Day is the start of a movement, not just a single day. Your sponsorship will play a crucial role in growing this movement by ensuring that India Giving Day is a success and laying the foundation for it to become a model annual day of giving.


  • Demonstrate your dedication to furthering the development goals of India
  • Increase public understanding of the key issues facing India today
  • Celebrate the work that is already being done to advance the development goals of India
  • Create a sense of community and purpose among friends, family, and regions, and strengthen the bridge that ties India and the United States; the two largest democracies in the world.
  • Provide valuable training opportunities for nonprofit leaders
  • Support the success of participating nonprofits by providing matching gifts to inspire increased giving 
  • Encourage nationwide engagement with trusted nonprofit organizations


Please contact Alex Counts (alex@indiaphilanthropyalliance.org) or Peg Fourre (peg@indiaphilanthropyalliance.org) to learn more about sponsorship opportunities or to coordinate your gift to support India Giving Day.

*All sponsorship contributions are tax deductible.