India Giving Day is an initiative of the India Philanthropy Alliance to grow the culture of giving to India in America by making it more visible, impactful, youth-friendly, and joyful.

In this way, the positive work of dozens of nonprofits will receive more support and be able to make a bigger impact on problems like poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, ill health, and environmental degradation.

This second national campaign will feature carefully vetted charities on our website that can receive donations, as well as opportunities for people in local and virtual communities to celebrate the power of thoughtful giving of time, money, or other resources.

All that stands between today’s reality and an India where each citizen and the environment thrive is our collective generosity.



The first ever India Giving Day in 2023 was a resounding success, and our donors, volunteers and supporters deserve all the credit for it. We want to more than double our impact this year!

There are many ways you can be a part of this movement, be it through donations, volunteering your time and expertise, organizing local and virtual events focused on India and its nonprofits and culture, or simply learning more about India and sharing the knowledge with your community.

One of the simplest and best ways to get involved is to launch a personal, peer to peer fundraising page through our website.

Together, let’s create a brighter future for India.




India Giving Day would not be possible without the generous support and trust of our sponsors who helped us mobilize 1,031 donations in 2023 which enabled our nonprofit partners to make a big difference on the ground in India.

Now, we seek to more than double this impact in 2024—but we need your help!

We are very grateful to the Rural India Supporting Trust, which has returned as our principal sponsor. The Sehgal Foundation has also renewed its support, and we remain grateful to two other founding sponsors: the Raj Family Foundation and the Wadhwani Impact Trust.

Join these campaign sponsors and help us build an ecosystem to increase giving to and impact on India.




India Giving Day is being guided under the leadership of our Co-Chairs, Sejal Desai, Executive Director of Akanksha Education Fund, and Manisha Bharti, Global Executive and CEO of Pratham USA. They are supported by a team of exceptionally passionate changemakers and joined by leading philanthropists, business leaders, and performing artists. Our heartfelt thanks to all who are lending their time, talent, and resources to this campaign.


Campaign Steering Committee

Manisha Bharti
Pratham USA

Sejal Desai
Akanksha Education Fund

Devika Batra
Sehgal Foundation

Paul Glick
Rural India Supporting Trust (RIST)

Minoo Gupta
President of Foundation for Excellence (FFE)

Kalpana Kanthan
American India Foundation (AIF)

National Co-Chairs

National co-chairs are individuals whose generous and thoughtful giving over many years make them philanthropic role models for those interested in giving to India.

Desh Deshpande
Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Philanthropist

Sapphira Goradia
Executive Director, Vijay and Marie Goradia Foundation

Raj Gupta
Former Chairman and CEO, Rohm and Haas

Lata Krishnan
Co-Founder, American India Foundation

Dr. Suri Sehgal
Founder and Chair, Sehgal Foundation

Premal Shah
Co-Founder, Kiva

Ramesh Srinivasan
Senior Partner, NY Office McKinsey & Company

Deepak Raj
Founder and Managing Director, Raj Associates

MR Rangaswami
Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist

Raju Reddy
Founder and Former CEO, Sierra Atlantic

Sunil Wadhwani
Founder, WISH Foundation


Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Award-winning author, poet, activist, and teacher

Isheeta Ganguly
Writer, Director, and Performing Artist

Mitali Perkins
Author of "Rickshaw Girl" and 14 other books

Arjun Athalye — Youth Ambassador
Actor, Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019) and Just Beyond (2021)

Kriti Sarav — Youth Ambassador
Podcaster and educator on financial literacy for teens

Staff and Consultants

Alex Counts

Peg Fourré
Deputy Director

Meenakshi Mahajan
Chief Operating Officer

Vijay Chitnis
Senior Consultant

Venky Raghavendra
Senior Adviser

Melvin Joseph

Youth Leadership Council

Riya Balaji
2022 Essay Competition

Aarshi Chaudhary
2023 Essay Competition

Sahasra Chavali
Advocate, Sehgal Foundation

Aadi Hetamsaria
Akanksha Advocate

Aayan Hetamsaria
Akanksha Advocate

Melvin Joseph
2023 Essay Competition

Preshika Jain
Teach for India Advocate

Shaunya Kumar
2023 Essay Competition

Anjika Kumar
Teach for India Advocate

Akshaya Katam
Advocate, Sehgal Foundation

Shreeya Ram
2023 Essay Competition

Rithani Saravanakumar
2021 Essay Competition

Eisha Yadav
2021 Essay Competition


RIST Rural India Supporting Trust





Impact Trust

Raj Family


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